Your Concrete Needs

The Services That Change Concrete

Initially we provide advice on how best to prepare and maximise an area if a customer is unsure. We then provide a complete concrete surfacing service. We also provide excavation of areas and a re-design advice.

Below are a few services that are featured with our concrete work:

  • Drainage management
  • Materials
  • Border edgings
  • Detailed quotes
  • Project mangement and advice

Secretly, It’s Our Best Concrete

ICFS enable manufacturers to produce thin (10mm or 1/2 in), strong concrete with improved finishes and greatly reduced weight – as little as 1/8th of the weight of the equivalent concrete product.

When 2 to 5% of Cem-FIL® fibres are mixed into a simple 1:1 cement:sand and water matrix, a thin but strong form of concrete is produced – GRC (or GFRC). It has a high compressive strength aswell as a good tensile and bending properties so products can be designed in thin (10mm or 1/2 in) sections.

Beautiful Concrete

People dred the thought of concrete, being blocky and grey – but with ICFS can also create beautiful pieces of concrete work, changing your opinion on concrete altogether.

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