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Sheet Metal Folding & Bending: What You Need to Know

A press brake is a machine that is widely used for the bending/folding of materials, but most commonly steel and metal. Before the bending begins, folds will be predetermined, therefore allowing the machine to create these folds by clamping the material between a matching punch and die. See: Framework Services.

The press brake will control the movement of either the upper or bottom tool, which will provide a strong force using hydraulic rams.

Press brake for metal folding

What is a press brake capable of?

The maximum bend length will depend on the amount of force applied by the press brake. Other factors are also included, such as sheet metal, bend radius and the angle of the bend. The amount of force required will increase when these other factors increase. Find out about the operation.

For example, the thicker the sheet metal and the higher the bend length, the more force the press brake will apply. Each press brake will have a varying amount of capabilities, and will be used for various things.

Who will use a press brake? WELDING & FABRICATION | Steel Structures Made To Order in Bristol

Press brakes are used all over the world for manufacturing and laser cutting companies. Hutchinson Engineering is one of the UK’s most expert laser cutting companies. They have one of the fastest press brakes in the world in their factory, which is the Trumpf 7036.

They use this machine to process components up to 900mm long, which is ideal for the medical and aerospace sectors. For metal folding in Bristol, click here.