Flat Roof Insulation Can Save You Money & Keep You Warm

If you have a flat roof, you may think it’s impossible to insulate your home due to the structure of it. But that is a myth. You can insulate your roof no matter the shape of it.

Evidently, it is an economic investment to add insulation to your home as it saves money on energy bills, makes your home warmer and prevents heat from escaping. Overall it is beneficial.

Your Flat Roofing Experts

ICFINFO are a company that provide a cost effective solution to meet your requirements using various systems and materials such as torch on membranes, EPDM rubber and a wide range of single ply membranes.

Local roofers in Ipswich carry out work on a wide range of re-roofing and new build projects varying from a dormer roof or a domestic garage, to large projects on commercial and industrial buildings. Contact us for more information about our work.

A modern flat roof, the waterproofing systems experts‎

Flat roofs are amongst the most popular types of roofs that are being insulated due to the amount of heat energy being lost. But most of the time, this is due to the old materials used and modern materials being overlooked as many people aren’t used to them.

They never ending problems with ripped or punctured felt and leaks throughout their limited life span. Traditional flat roofs when fitted are not designed to last.

Flat Roof Material – all materials cut to your roof size

However, with all modern materials all of our purpose built flat roofs are made to last for over 40 years and benefit from being fundamentally maintenance free, so continually spending money or time is a thing of the past. We ensure it is fitted perfectly with all cuttings and measurements being precise.

We offer a range of flat roofing repairs and flat roof services as well as the insulation process in flat roofs to residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK and Ireland with full accreditation and Public Liability Insurance.