Loft Insulation Specialists

Insulation Really Does Work

Filling your cavity walls and insulating your loft are cost effective ways of saving money on your heating bills, by retaining more of the warmth you generate for longer.

At ICFS we cover all aspects of building insulation, from advanced cavity wall and loft beading insulation, timber frame and sloping roof solutions, to quick, effective remedies for draughts and heat loss from hot water tanks.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates there are currently around 7.3 million UK homes with un-insulated cavity walls and 12.9 million with no or less than 150mm of loft insulation. Is your home one of these? Then get through to our insulation team here.

The outstanding thermal performance, moisture resistance and ease of application of Thermabead, our flagship bead system, ensures you never have cold spots in your walls.

We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt, friendly and professional service, from consultation and survey through installation and after sales customer support. Our accredited surveyors and engineers will survey your property before our installers follow up and complete the insulation work in just a few hours.

The Materials That Will Change Your Home

The insulation material is rolled between the joists and then applied in a second layer across the joists to prevent the ‘cold bridge’ which is created by the ceiling plaster board and each of the joists. If required, tanks and pipes in the roof space will be lagged


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