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The Perfect Accessory to Every Flat roof

When refurbishing your house, there are many things that come to mind that need re-vamping. One that normally doesn’t is the roof and how you can improve the style of it dramatically.

Any flat roof can become drab and unexcitable; mix it up by adding the perfect feature. It not only benefits the sight of looking at a flat roof, but it also has benefits for your house. The same as flat roof insulation has many benefits.

Rooflights – 20 Year Warranty

skylightWhat accessory is it I’m talking about? A rooflight. Rooflights are ideal for flat roofs. Click here for more on different skylights a guide on the simple installation process.

As rooflights can be used for multiple applications, there are different types;

Fixed Rooflight:

The minimal look means it will have a low-profiling frame that is finished with an effortless style. All perfectly made for only £599.

Double glazed fixed rooflights boast a U-Value as low as 0.97 W/m2K, meaning there won’t be any worry about the loss of heat within your home. Discover more about U-Values.

Opening Rooflight:

These opening rooflights combine both efficient and minimal design with creative automation. These opening models are fitted with an insulated up stand, allowing the actuator to fit in creating a more efficient use of space. Improve your home for only £1699.

Also, you are given complete peace of mind as they are upgraded to laminated glass – if ever damaged and broken; these hold together and provide better security.

Learn the difference between laminated glass and tempered.

Eco Rooflight:

These rooflights were designed for the high-end market, focusing on superior performance.

Externally, the sleek frame allows water to drain easily, and prevent pooling to the best of its ability. The glass provided has UV protection, as well as having a contemporary design.

These incredibly designed rooflights have a shocking U-Value of 0.65 W/m2K – something they are best known for. This is done as the triple-glazed windows are injected with Krypton Gas to really push their energy saving features. Buy today for just £1199.

Walk-on Lights:

Want more natural lighting into your home, whilst ensuring a secure platform? Walk-on Rooflights provide the answer. Purchase for as little as £1,499.

These are perfect for buildings that have a roof terrace or overhanging top floor or for any lower building that could use some help from natural lighting.

Crafted from the highest quality of materials, it means it looks modern and luxurious without comprising on safety. Discuss with us today.